Wheels are round thingy's that were invented by Yeeps Mc Freep so that he could have the base for a perfect circular sandwich. After realizing that metal is not edible he made a second use for it. A backscratcher, he bent the metal into strips and put them on a comb. But the strips of metal did not work. instead afterwards he was lying on the floor with large cuts in his back. than he took one of the strips off and fried in in a pan to see if it tasted like bacon. It tasted like blood and oil and he spit it out immediately. That he made a second wheel so he could see if it tasted like a porkchop. And once again it did not taste how he expected it to. And the face he made after he tasted it is now known as the troll face. He invented all of the worlds memes while trying to see what a wheel could and could not be used for. He did alot of crazy things with the wheel and i took him 5 years of constant memes until he figured out what its real use was. It was for putting on a car so he could eat the car and poop out cats. After realising that he was way off in his previous statement (Yes he did eat the car). He figured out that it goes on the side so that the car can move. Than once the internet was invented he uploaded all of his memes. And that is how the wheel was made!