Sugilite - Cry for Help with Flail

Sugilite was the previous goddess of gems from the Stone worship she was kicked out after becoming chaotic and attempting to enslave the planet earth. She almost killed half of the Stone worship in a crazy fit of rage when they told her she could not be their leader for all of eternity. They banished sugilite to another dimension and replaced her. But she managed to smash through the edge of reality because she is a goddess. Causing unbalance and generating the nightmare realm witch is also where Bill Cipher is from. She is responsible for the creation of many strange things. Such as The moon lord and many others. After breaking through the 4th wall in her scramble to get through to the main dimension, She ruined many other demensions. Causing chaos and unbalance with in them at a single touch from the outside. Ours is one of the unfortunate enough to be ruined (By Bill Cipher). Ours was ruined as she landed in it, she began wrecking everything. Peridot got mad at sugilite but failed to defeat her. Instead sugilite mashed Peridot into a pulp and began wrecking things. However Peridot's gem was not destroyed, so Peridot survived. Sugilite continued her rampage and no one knows when she stopped or where she is. But she hasn't been seen in years.