Humans with fish tails. Most of them live in the underwater city of Atlantis along with the rayfolk. They are enemies of the hominid, who they share territory with. and in the past several wars had killed large portions of both sides. In recent years, a pact known as the 5-sea truce has come into effect, but the hate is still there, hiding bellow the surface. They are smart, but can be bribed by shiny things, as gold, silver, gems, etc. are rare deep in the ocean. When confronting them, however, it is unwise to try to bribe them - this will usually only provoke them further (there are exceptions, usually the super poor.) Instead, try to keep their head and body completely motionless, as they can only breathe while moving. However, they always travel in packs of 9 while on patrol and so it is advised to take at least 19 people with you (when underwater, they move at least twice as fast as a dryfolk, and are surprisingly strong.) Above all, I would recommend simply staying far away from them.