lleh fo noitamalcxe is a backwords alternate reality that is essentially the negative version of dimension 1 (Our demension). It houses strange beings that can only talk backwards and was named by a professor that discovered it and had his mind scrambled up. The demension is home to strange anomalys and backwords ethnics. They drink each others blood for sport, Play what is pretty much a sport version of online FPS multiplayer matches, And beat each other to death at school. They live 5,000 times longer than a normal human. But they never die of old age as they beat each other to death constantly. They feast upon flesh for food and can consume toxins like soda. Are weapons are not nearly strong enough to kill them as they have powerful exoskeletons. And all the area information provided makes no sense in this dimension. Really you should stay away from this dimension or die in 5 seconds.